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Screen Reader-Accessible Dropdown Menus

I’m currently working a contract as a web designer and developer for a university, where web accessibility is vitally important for all web pages. I used to think I had a pretty good idea of how to make a web … Continue reading

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10 Advanced WordPress Theme Development Tutorials

It’s easy to find tutorials about the basics of WordPress theme design: the loop, comment forms, template files, etc. If you’re looking to add more advanced functionality to your theme, however, you won’t find help so easily. Sometimes I think … Continue reading

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Horizontal Accordion Slider with Vertical Text

In this tutorial, we’re going to take a look at how to build a horizontal accordion slider using CSS 2D transforms and a bit of jQuery. Typically, the trickiest part about this kind of horizontal accordion is getting the text … Continue reading

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Custom WordPress Widget Template

I had a bunch of custom widgets to create for this theme, mostly for displaying ads, and then one to display twitter/RSS followers, and one to display a tabbed widget that included popular posts, recent posts, tags and comments. Creating … Continue reading

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WordPress 3.2 & New Default Theme

I love WordPress updates, they’re my favourite part of WordPress by far. Each major update brings all sorts of fun new goodies and brings the system just a little closer to perfection. I always feel a bit smug every time … Continue reading

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WordPress Featured Content Slider

So I’ve had this WordPress theme PSD sitting around for ages, and I haven’t bothered coding it up for a long time… because I already did it. Word to the wise: if you find yourself needing to re-install MAMP, backup … Continue reading

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